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Last Updated: Wednesday, 05-Jan-2000 00:58:25 EST
Miscellaneous Resources

These links have been collected by various persons in pursuit of the truth. The information found here will help determine what course of strategy to go with the information from Irwin Schiff, and information on this site. These links have been tested when the page was created, however, they may be out of date. If there is a bad link please E-Mail me. Also EMail if you have found a really useful or informational site that can help all of us. History of this site.

Irwin Schiff - The best and most reliable Tax site around.

Government Links
US House Good site to write to your Representatives
US Senate Good site to write your Senators
IRS The heart of the Beast. This is a good resource for Forms and Publications
US Courts Information on the US Court system. Can also search the Supreme Court Decisions
US DOJ US Department of (IN)Justice
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
GPO Government Printing Office

Law Links
Cornell Univ. REALLY REALLY good site for searching the US Code and CFRs. Personally Recommended by me.
FindLaw Good resource for searching US Supreme Court cases. Also has recent Federal District cases as well.
USCode-House Another US Code site. Not as good of an interface as Cornell

Other Tax Links
These are provided as reference only. These sites may contain information that may contain incomplete or damaging information. The procedures that Irwin Schiff has developed are endorsed by this site, and have the best success rate of all programs. Use the following links at your own discresion.
Taxgate Tax information site. -Potentially damaging procedures
Eddie Kahn Tax information site. -Appears on the up and up. $160 for info.
AWARE One of three worthwhile pages. -Wants $250 to "join"