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Last Updated: Thursday, 11-Nov-1999 21:17:24 EST
W-4 Information

One of the main keys to getting the Mafia off of your back, is by filing an "Exempt" W-4. This is mentioned in several of Irwins' materials, and can be a simple tool to start your new "tax free" life.

Though, as with anytime you decide to "take-on" the Mafia, you need to make sure that you have everything prepared, since timeliness can be key with this information as with all Mafia dealings.

WM: I would recommend getting the W-4 packet, however, I would get other packets before getting this one. All info contained in here is good, but can also be obtained by reading "The Federal Mafia."

Items that you should have on hand when you submit your "Exempt" W-4: