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Welcome to Tax-Freedom-Now!

This site is under constant maintenance, to assure that the most up to date information is available to BEAT the IRS!!! This information is correct, and can be corroborated. However, due to the potential hazards involved, please STUDY and MEMORIZE the information provided since you cannot take this site with you into an audit.

The material provided is, in significant part, provided by Irwin Schiff and can be purchased from his site. PLEASE go there and purchase his materials, since this information only supports and DOES NOT REPLACE his materials.  Although the information provided is as accurate as we can make it, please E-Mail Webmaster if there is anything PHYSICALLY wrong with the site, including: Broken links, Missing Pages, or any typos. DO NOT email if you are complaining that we are "wrong" about this information. We are NOT. This has been studied for many years, and the content is correct at this time.

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